Use filters to quickly narrow down your list of incidents. This can be used for example to:

  • Show only the incidents that are still open.
  • View a list of the archived incidents on the mobile app.
  • View only the incidents from one or two of your teams on the web dashboard without seeing all the others.

The filter options available are different between the mobile app and the web dashboard, as explained below.

In the mobile app:

When you tap the 'Incidents' button in the bottom menu bar you will see a list of the incidents your team have reported. If you are a member of multiple teams, the name of the team you are currently viewing will be shown at the top of the screen. You can filter this list of incidents by tapping the filter button in the top right of the screen and selecting from one of the following three options:

  • Show only the 'Open incidents'
  • Show only the 'Resolved incidents'
  • Show only the 'Archived incidents'

Tap 'Cancel' to close the filter options without making any changes.

On the web dashboard:

When you log into the web dashboard you will see a list of incidents for all the teams that you are a member of. You can filter this list of incidents using the two filters available in the left side:

  • Status: Select either 'Open' incidents, or 'Resolved' incidents. Tap the 'x' next to this filter to remove the current filter and display all statuses again.
  • Team: Select one or multiple teams to display only the incidents from those teams. Tap the 'x' next to each team name to remove the filter and display incidents from all teams again.

Note: if the filter area has been hidden you will need to tap the arrow to expand it before selecting your filters.

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