What Insights can I see?

On the Spotlight mobile app you can view summary data about the incidents reported in your team. This will show the following:

  • The number of ‘Open incidents’
  • The number of ‘Resolved incidents’
  • The most used tags: the four most common tags will be displayed with individual totals, the other tags will be grouped together in an ‘Other’ category.
  • Severity: a chart showing the proportions of incidents at each severity level.

From the Insights tab you can tap on the Open incidents or Resolved incidents buttons at the top of the page to jump straight to a list of each.

How to get the most from Spotlight insights

  1. Customise your tags to match the types of incidents that will be reported by your team.
  2. The insights tab shows data for one team at a time. This may help determine how to organise your account into teams. For more guidance see our article on Best Practice for Multiple Teams.
  3. Archived incidents will not be included in Insights data.
  4. Export your data from the web platform for further analysis.

Tell us what insights you want to learn from your Spotlight incident data

We are planning on expanding our insights and analytics capability. Contact us to tell us what you need and why that is important for you and your team.

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