To learn how to manage teams in Spotlight - start off by reading this article on how to create multiple teams.

If you're looking for roll out Spotlight to > 50 people then please feel free to contact us for advice on how to structure you team.

How a "team" works in Spotlight

A team is usually based on one department or location within your organisation. Each team works autonomously with what the team members see. 

As an administrator, you can be part of multiple teams and when you login to the web dashboard, you can get a birds-eye-view of all teams.

Why setup multiple teams?

Visibility of incidents

Each team member can see the incidents reported in that team, you may want to setup multiple teams to ensure the reports seen are relevant. For example, you may have electrical maintenance all in one team so they can all see reports from each other of hazards and near-misses, but the security team would be separate as these are likely irrelevant to them.

Set of tags

Sometimes the issue types you want reported differ from team to team. A warehouse team might report "late inbound delivery" as an incident but someone in a field sales team wouldn't report this type of issue

Team Alerts

This is especially useful when you have teams structured for locations with local maintenance members. You might want to alert everybody about a hazard a certain location. 

Future analysis

You can easily segment your data exports by team name, giving you the ability to see how many near-misses reported by Team A in January versus Team B.

Disadvantages of multiple teams

While we're working hard to improve Spotlight functionality for larger businesses and the structure of accounts across multiple teams, it's important to understand the downsides of using multiple teams.

Getting incident reports to people in different teams

Currently it's not possible to share content between teams. If you have maintenance people that work across multiple sites and a team per site, you will need to add the maintenance staff to all relevant sites.

Switching between teams in the app

While you can see all incidents for all teams on the web dashboard, you need to switch teams on the mobile app and can only view one at a time.

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