Spotlight is designed to make logging and communicating around an incident as easy as possible. 

The best way to learn how to use Spotlight is to explore. Try reporting an incident and we'll show you some of the more advanced functionality.

Let's get started...

  • Tap the big green plus button follow the prompts
  • Choose a tag (these are setup by your company)
  • Enter a title to describe what happened

Done! Pretty easy, huh?

Congrats - the incident has been logged in the system and the relevant people will have been notified. 

Spotlight automagically records the date/time, current GPS location and weather. You can now add more context with photos and text.

Adding photos and text

You've already alerted someone to the issue, but it's important to give provide detail on the incident to help someone respond appropriately.

Other inputs available

Hidden behind the small plus button, there are more types of inputs you can add/modify on the incident. 

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