We recommend inviting a couple of people into your Spotlight team to help you test the app out and understand how people can communicate in real-time about incidents.

You can invite unlimited users but if you are wanting to add more than 20 users it's recommend to talk to us first so we can help structure the account for large teams.

Go into the "More" tab in the app and tap "Your Team"

Tap the + icon in the bottom-right corner to add team members

Add a phone number or invite from contact list

Important: you need to include country code e.g. +1 for US/CA or +44 for the UK. When adding from your contact list, some people may be greyed out - this means the phone number format needs to be corrected to include country code first.

Your team members will receive a text message to invite them into the team

It's recommended that you inform your invited team members in-person or over email to introduce them to the Spotlight app too.

NOTE: It is not currently possible to invite team members by email.

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