Spotlight is fast and easy to set-up for your team, allowing you to begin reporting incidents after just 10-minutes!

Spotlight Setup Checklist

✅  Download Spotlight for Apple or Android
✅  Create a new team e.g. "Company name - Department/location" (see the best practice guide for setting up multiple teams)
✅  Configure incident types / tags
✅  Invite team members to report and respond incidents
✅  Setup "Team Alerts" for real-time notifications on incidents
✅  Report a test incident and notify your team members
✅  Login to the web dashboard
✅  Export your data to CSV to analyse in Excel
✅  Setup multiple teams (if necessary)

What you can use Spotlight for

Types of incidents and issues reported

  • Safety related incidents, injuries, hazards, and near-misses
  • Maintenance requests, property damage, maintenance requests
  • Security and theft
  • Quality issues and non-conformance
  • Operational issues e.g. logistics & delivery, late staff, customer complaints

Real-time alerts and streamlined communication

  • Configure alerts to send to specific people based on the type of incident
  • Send messages back and forth using the app to communicate about the incident, while also logging it into an Activity Timeline
  • Share auto-generated with reports including resolution and corrective actions

Industries Spotlight is used in

  • Logistics & aviation
  • Utilities management
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Laboratories
  • Schools and education
  • Hospitals and medical centers

Setting up your team on Spotlight

Creating a team

  1. Download the app for Apple or Android
  2. Create an account using your mobile number and enter the verification code sent to you via text message
  3. Enter your team name, we recommend including both your company and department e.g. "Walmart - SoCal Logistics" or "Manufacturing Co - Texas Lab"
  4. You can setup multiple teams for different business units

Setup your team

  1. Edit the tags list based on the incidents you want reported - learn how
  2. Invite team members - learn how
  3. Setup Team Alerts - learn how
  4. Use multiple teams to organise departments/location - learn best practice

Create a test incident

  1. Open a new incident, using an incident tag that will trigger a workflow to someone else
  2. Add images, notes and update the severity to experience the functionality
  3. Ask someone else in your team to contribute to the incident - they can add notes to ask questions/communicate like other chat apps
  4. Resolve the incident - add summary and corrective actions
  5. Share the report with someone via email

Getting data and insights

  1. Tap the "Insights" icon in the navigation to live statistics on incidents reported in your team - over time, this screen will become more useful
  2. If you need your data exported in CSV, please see this article

Provide feedback and suggestions

  1. Spotlight is a new app and we'd love your feedback and ideas
  2. Contact us to talk to us and help us improve Spotlight

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