Every team has different types of incidents and issues, so we've made the incident tags configurable in Spotlight.

Spotlight isn't just for incidents, but allows you to report all types of issues in your business to help to improve processes and resolve any problems quickly.

Remember, you can assign multiple tags to an incident.

Outside of the default tags, here are some other tags our customers have setup:

  • Delivery issues
  • QA non-conformance
  • Vehicle Damage
  • Delays
  • Locations (e.g. branch name)
  • Client

Step 1: To edit tags, tap the "More" item in the navigation

Step 2: Tap "Incident settings"

Step 3: Go to "Tag management" to open up the list of tags

Step 4: You can create new tags by clicking the Tag+ icon on the upper right corner of the page

You can also delete tags by tapping the X button

Tip: You can use emoji in your tags to make them easier to identify and more engaging for you team

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