Team Alerts are the most powerful feature in Spotlight and enable you to configure real-time alerts via push notifications to the right people, based on the tags selected when the incident is opened.

What can I use Team Alerts for?

We've seen our users get creative with Team Alerts, allowing them to get notifications to their phone for certain types of issues or requests.

Example Team Alerts setup by Spotlight users

  • Incident Tag = "Vehicle Damage" > Notify Fleet Manager, Safety Manager, Regional Manager
  • Incident Tag = "Injury" > Notify Site Safety Officer, First Aid Responder
  • Incident Tag = "Maintenance Request" > Notify Maintenance Staff
  • Incident Tag = "Quality Issue" > Notify Site Manager & QA Analyst
  • Incident Tag = "Hazard" > Notify Site Safety Office & Project Manager
  • Incident Type = "Delivery Issue" AND "California" > Notify LA Distribution Center

How do I configure Team Alerts?

Before we get started

  1. If you haven't downloaded Spotlight yet, install it for Android or iPhone
  2. Make sure you configure all of your Tags. These are used in Team Alert rules
  3. Ensure you have enable push notifications

Tap "Team Alerts" in the navigation and tap the (+) button on the Team Alerts screen to add a new one

Select the tag(s) you wish to setup Team Alerts for

Choose the people you wish to be notified by this workflow
Note: if you choose someone from your contact list, they will be invited to join your team on Spotlight

Testing it out

Once setup, it's important to test it and see it in action. To do this, you will need a colleague with their phone.

  1. For the Team Alert you just created, remember the Tag you choose to trigger the alert
  2. Open a new incident with this incident tag on a phone that is not configured to receive the notification (important: you will not receive a notification for any incidents that you report)
  3. Look on the other phone and check for the notification

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